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Diocese of Joliet Faith Formation Curriculum  & Standards - Word files

   Table of Contents

Goals & Standards:
   Faith Formation Curriculum Goals and Standards Summary
   Faith Formation Curriculum Goals and Standards

Resources & Policies:
   Appendix A – Curriculum for Students With Special Needs
   Appendix B – Glossary: Vocabulary for Faith Formation Curriculum
   Appendix C – Diocesan Guideline: Family Life Curriculum (2012 Revision)
   Appendix D – Master for Parent Take-Home Brochure (Publisher file - available by email by request)
   Appendix E – Parent Faith Formation Resources
   Appendix F – Catholic Interpretation of Scripture
   Appendix G – Guidelines for the Selection of Bibles and Bible Storybooks (1999)
        Catholic Bible Study Resources for Teens & Children (Supplement to Appendix F)
   Appendix H – Resources for Learning About Catholic Belief (Goal 1)
   Appendix I – Resources for Learning About Liturgy (Goal 2)
   Appendix J – Resources for Learning About Peace and Justice (Goal 3)
   Appendix K – Resources for Learning About Morality (Goal 3)
   Appendix L – Catholic Prayer Traditions for the Catechist (Goal 4)

Other Resources:
   Appendix M – What Catechists Should Know About the End Times
   Appendix N – How to Choose and Use Catholic Internet Sites
   Appendix O – Correlation of Faith Formation Curriculum with Major Text Series
   Appendix P – Assessment Tools