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Diocese of Joliet Faith Formation Curriculum and Standards

The REO, in collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office, has published the Faith Formation (Religion) Curriculum and Standards. This document, based on the four "pillars" of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the General Directory for Catechesis, will provide a sound basis for faith formation of children and youth as a foundation for lifelong learning.

This curriculum is designed for Catholic schools, parish religious education in any format (traditional, intergenerational or lectionary based) and even for home-schooling in religious education by parents:
               Curriculum and Standards - Word files

               Curriculum and Standards - PDF files

               Curriculum Assessment Tools

The Assessment Tools consist of a checklist to assess progress and a set of age-appropriate reflection questions which can be used as essay questions, journaling opportunities, discussion, etc. to help determine how well a student is integrating his or her faith with life experience.