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      Commissions (as bolded below) are the organizational structure by which Councils carry on the Church’s spiritual and corporal works of mercy and are linked to those outlined in Vatican II’s Decree on the Lay Apostolate which directly or indirectly names them.  Differemt affiliates may use these or other names but the work they do nearly always falls within one or more of these areas.

 Spirituality Commission includes

  1. Church - The aim of this committee is to create a community of God’s people that is educated and dynamic.  Its program of study and action in the areas of scripture, liturgy and ecumenism lead to the experience of community and of Christ’s own life.  The aim of the Vocations sub-committee fosters and supports all vocations, including the ordained and professed.
  2. Legislation- The aim of this committee is to help individuals and groups be more politically effective.  Its program of study and action is concerned with helping individuals and groups understand the legislative process, and make certain that all eligible citizens are registered to vote.  They work to help voters understand the issues on which they are voting - local, state, national and assist individuals and groups to know the names and addresses of their legislative officials and how to contact and influence them.

Service Commission includes

  1. Family - The aim of this committee is to assist members in achieving truly Christian family living and to preserve Christian principles in those areas that pertain to the welfare of all families.  Its program is concerned with respect for all stages of life, religion in the family, fostering religious vocations, preservation of family unity and child and adult education. The aim of the Reverence for Life sub-committee supports with prayer and action a culture of life from conception to natural death.
  2. Community - The aim of this committee is to involve all people in working to answer the needs of their individual communities.  Its program, strictly determined by local needs, includes such areas as housing, urban development, safety, health, welfare and government.  The aim of the Environment/Rural Life sub-committee on concerns itself with issues affecting rural life, rural-urban interdependence and care of God’s creation.
  3. International - The aim of this committee is to awaken in all peoples a conviction of their responsibility for the international society and to create through this conviction a family of all people.  Its program of study and action is concerned with peace, education for international understanding, international relief and development, hospitality to foreign students and visitors and participation in meetings of an international nature.

 Leadership Commission

Organization/Education - This committee provides support and educational services for the other commissions.  Its services include organization development, membership development, program, leadership training, publicty, public relations, fund-raising and any other necessary services.

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