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Lesson Plans for Safe Environment Instruction

The templates below can be adapted for use with any curriculum.

All Levels

Review Lesson Options (Word) (PDF)
No More Secrets Storybook (Word) (PDF)


Pre-K through Grade 4

It's My Body (Word) (PDF)
Catie the Caterpillar (Word) (PDF)
I Am the Boss of My Body (Word) (PDF)
Safety N.E.T. Kids: No Easy Targets (Word) (PDF)


Grades 3 through Grade 5

When Should You Tell? (Word) (PDF)
Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse FULL (Word) (PDF)
Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse SHORT REVIEW (Word) (PDF)
Talking About Touching: Intros and Prayers REVISED (Word) (PDF)


Youth Ministry (Junior High & High School - Grades 6 through 12)

A Time to Tell (Boy Scouts) (Word) (PDF)
Personal Safety Awareness (Boy Scouts) (Word) (PDF)
Breaking the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse (Word) (PDF)
S.A.F.E. Network Personal Protection (Both Levels) (Word) (PDF)
Katie's Secret REVISED (Word) (PDF)