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E-Alert and Newsletter Archive

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Our advocacy includes: HIV/AIDS - Care of God's Creation - Health Care Reform - Housing - Hunger & Poverty - Immigration Reform - International Concerns - Labor Rights - Nonviolence - Racial Justice - Restorative Justice - Rural Life


Help us find our next CCHD intern!
January 14

It's National Migration Week: Support Immigrants and Call Congress Today
January 8

Act now to support the long-term unemployed!
January 7


Working for Justice & the World Day of Peace Message from Pope Francis
December 16 

FYI: We're moving! Also: a new document from Francis!
December 2 

Typhoon Haiyan: Help The Philippines Survive and Recover
November 11

Defend Human Dignity with C.C.H.D.! And other JustPax Events...
November 6

What more is there to know about migration? See Harvest of Empire this November!
October 29

We're listening. What have you got to say?
October 18

Enjoy a Show and Celebrate Jail and Prison Ministry; Join Our Next Listening Session!
September 29

Bishop Conlon: Let all of us join our Holy Father and the entire world in fasting and praying for peace.
September 5

Syrian Peace: An Appeal for Prayer and Work
September 2

"What can we do for you?" And other events.
August 27

Create a Ripple (Farm Bill)
August 9

Labor Day 2013 Statement: USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development
August 7

July 31

Thousands marching for immigration reform
July 27

VOTE EXPECTED TODAY: CALL Senators to Vote YES on Immigration Reform Bill S. 744
June 27

The Time is Now: Illinois Voices for Immigration Reform
June 24

USCCB Committee on Migration Statement Re: Corker-Hoeven amendment vote today
June 24

What do Bibles Badges Business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Justice & Peace Ministry have in common?
June 20

Call Senators Durbin and Kirk on immigration reform -- NOW
June 14

Legislative visits in D.C.; Education and action opportunities
May 28

Action alert! Ask the Gang of Eight to continue fighting for fair immigration reform!
May 16

Sign the St. Francis Pledge and Join Us for a Screening of Sun Come Up for Earth Day 2013
April 22

Cathedral Social Teaching Talk Recap; Senate Immigration Bill; Watch a Movie; Many events to Choose From!
April 18

March Against CCA a Success; Learn Catholic Social Doctrine this Summer
April 6

Come witness the Reign of God breaking through!
April 5

Action alert! Push for Gun Control Legislation!
April 3

A simple action to end child hunger
April 1

Rally Headcount Request; Vatican News; Intl. Meeting Recap; etc.
March 29

March with us in opposition to For-Profit Immigrant Prison
March 22

Praying for the First International Meeting of Young Catholic Leaders for Social Justice and More
March 13

You can help stop the Joliet Immigrant Prison - Fundraiser
March 5

Action alert! Push for comprehensive immigration reform!
February 27

Presenting Our New Justice and Peace Coordinator
February 26

Two great upcoming events
February 8

US Bishops Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform
January 29