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CRS Rice Bowl

Catholic Relief Services' Rice Bowl seeks to instill within the student a sense of solidarity with the poor of this world. Solidarity is one of the seven core values of Catholic social teaching. The program's four components have a rich history in our Catholic faith.


Prayer: When we pray for others, we grow closer to them.

Fasting: Fasting has been a symbolic act of prayer since early Christianity. By fasting, we share the suffering and hunger of the poor, gaining a clearer understanding of them and growing in solidarity.

Education: To understand and empathize with the poor, it is necessary to learn about their condition. Through CRS Rice Bowl, the student learns about the reality of the poor through stories, facts, and sharing. The teacher is provided with lesson plans and resources.

Almsgiving: Alms are a special way of building solidarity. CRS Rice Bowl alms help the poor grow their own food, increase their income, and escape abject poverty. CRS Rice Bowl is a simple yet effective program that enables teachers to educate and inspire students to solidarity with the poor.

CRS Rice Bowl projects are designed to alleviate suffering in the short term while laying a foundation for permanent change. Twenty-five percent of the alms given to CRS Rice Bowl during Lent remains in the diocese for local poverty efforts.