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Dear Engaged Couple


Dear Engaged Couple,

Welcome to marriage! You don’t know all of us, but, in a way, you’re marrying us, too. We want to be with you in love and support for the rest of your lives.

We want you with us. Your love for each other, and the commitment behind that love, tells us about God and brightens our lives.

As you commit to each other, we want to commit to you. During the time between now and your marriage, we want to welcome you in a new way into our community. The priest or deacon who will be witnessing your marriage will be spending some time with you. In addition, we want you to get to know some of our married couples in a new and deeper way.

Most especially, though, we invite you to search for God’s face in the face of your beloved, and to trust that God’s love is springing out of you in return

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