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Chancellor's Office

Prayer Resources for the Coronavirus Crisis

Many people feel powerless in the face of this pandemic. We see in a devastating way how widely a virus spreads person to person. We have confidence that God allows the good that we do, our prayer and our actions, to make a positive impact on brothers and sisters. Please join us as we pray for God’s heart of love, mercy, and truth to dwell in us and show us how to face the challenges posed by the corona-virus. Find prayers resources here.

Letter of Suitability - Request Form

Please fill out the following form, which is to be completed for any and all requests that clergy may have for exercising ministry outside of the Diocese of Joliet


Application for Papal Blessing

Applications for Papal Blessings can be submitted through the Vatican website: www.elemosineria.va


Marriage Forms

Petition for Declaration of Nullity of Marriage Contracted Outside the Church


Second Collections 2020/2021

In living our daily faith, we praise God for our blessings. In gratitude, we share our time, talents, and treasures to benefit others, as we are called to do in the name of our Father. Diocese of Joliet parish members have multiple opportunities to support the Church and the Church’s outreach ministries to bring hope to people less fortunate and spread the Good News.  

Collections are due to the Diocese of Joliet Finance Department within two weeks from date collected. Schedule 2020/2021

Clergy Misconduct Panel