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  Statement of Bishop R. Daniel Conlon Regarding Passage of Illinois Senate Bill 25

Statement of  Bishop R. Daniel Conlon, Diocese of Joliet 
Regarding Passage of Illinois Senate Bill 25

The misnamed “Reproductive Health Act”, Senate Bill 25, is a horrific piece of legislation that will lead to more children dying through the violent act of abortion, even at a point when they are able to survive outside the womb. Science indicates that life begins at conception, and to deny the life of certain human beings at young ages is an attack on human rights. No person’s life should be in jeopardy simply based upon his or her age. Only in the womb do our laws allow some humans to be accorded the full rights of personhood and some not.

Additionally, this legislation is not in the best interest of women as it removes abortion clinics from regulations for serious medical procedures. The Church is committed to upholding the dignity of women but does not believe that abortion is a solution when challenging situations arise. Rather, working towards a society where both mother and child are cared for is the true path of justice and compassion.

I am aware that some of the legislators who voted in favor of this legislation believe that it violates their own conscience. Yet, for them party loyalty, even on such a weighty moral issue, has seemingly trumped conscience.

Abortion is an illogical and inconsistent policy for anyone who stands for human rights. To allow one person to decide whether another person lives or dies is even more capricious than the death penalty or war.

Ironically. as Illinois expands the legal and even constitutional right to abortion, many of its neighboring states have moved to restrict abortion. Clearly, we are a divided society on this issue. The Catholic Church stakes its position on the ultimate belief that God creates every human person and endows each of them with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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