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Members of the various offices within the Administration Secretariat work in collaboration to oversee and fulfill the central financial, administrative and legal obligations and responsibilities of the diocese.  Working in consultation with the Diocesan Finance Council and under the support and authority of the Bishop, the Secretary of Administration/Chief Financial Officer oversees the financial and administrative activities of all diocesan Secretariats. Additionally, this Secretariat is charged with supervising the finances and administration of the temporal goods belonging to the parishes or other juridical persons subject to the Bishop of Joliet.

The day to day operations, among many diverse activities, include:  preparing and ensuring adherence to the annual diocesan-wide budget as approved by the Diocesan Finance Council and the Bishop; managing and accounting for all receipts and expenditures; periodically preparing and submitting thorough and accurate financial reports to the Diocesan Finance Council and Bishop; undertaking development activities on behalf of the diocese; managing legal affairs; ensuring that information systems are available and adequate to support curia-wide operations; managing all insurances and related risk management activities; administering centralized employee benefits for the diocese including the parishes and schools; overseeing the financial activities at parishes and schools; ensuring the proper management and maintenance of diocesan properties; and overseeing the management of all diocesan cemeteries.

All members of the Administration Secretariat are committed to providing high quality work in performing their duties and satisfying the financial and administrative needs of the diocese, and its agencies and parishes.  They work together with a cooperative spirit and with a positive and supportive attitude, striving for continuous improvements in their areas.  With an emphasis on open communications and transparency, they work to ensure that both the short and long term financial outcomes will be in the best interest of the Catholic Church of Joliet.  And finally, work is conducted in a manner that recognizes the importance of treating people with dignity and respect, while seeking to develop and nurture strong, healthy relationships and serving God to the best of their abilities.  Our mission, values and goals are detailed below.

MISSION (Why we exist)

The Mission of the Finance and Administration Secretariat is to administer faithfully the goods entrusted to the Diocese of Joliet, exercising prudence in all decisions related to financial and administrative operations.  Utilizing a small but dedicated team of highly motivated professionals, we efficiently and effectively service the needs of the diocese, and assist its parishes, schools, agencies and affiliates in making sound and prudent decisions.

VALUES (What is important to us)

Our high standards for excellence drive our Secretariat to provide useful, accurate and timely work product to our constituencies. We take personal ownership of our work and value our culture of accountability.
Our Secretariat strives to develop strong relationships and partnerships with diocesan agencies, parishes and schools.  We accomplish this by providing insight and advice that is helpful and often times necessary for decision making. We operate with a "Can Do" spirit and are always available to help.
We commit to operating at the highest level of ethical standards. The services and recommendations we present will be honest, fair, and objective.
We strive to make the best decisions collectively and in the best interest of our Diocesan Church. We believe in teamwork, value cooperation by working together, and recognize and utilize the strengths of each team member. 

GOALS (How we will make a difference)

We will devote ourselves to helping our agencies, parishes and schools and do so with a passion for the Church and the Diocese.  We will offer expertise, insights and innovative ideas that earn the trust of our constituencies and influence decision making.  We will give our best efforts at all times.
Agencies & Parishes
We will focus on providing help on those issues that are important to our agency and parish partners.  We will provide professional, accurate, timely and actionable information and advice that meets the needs of our agencies and parish partners.
We will strive to provide timely, accurate and useful reporting on diocesan and parish operations that is objective and enhances decision making.